Microbial water testing within 2hrs outside the lab


In just three steps bacteria are detected and quantified: water filtration, DNA isolation and qPCR analysis. It takes less than 2 hours to get actionable digital data.


Udetect is compact and light. You can easily carry reagents and equipment for 50 tests in a backpack. Alternatively you can take filtered samples to a central location, such as an office or hotel, to be analysed at your convenience – no cold chain needed.


We provide a one-day training to ensure that you are ready to use Udetect for your specific use case. Reagents can be stored and used at ambient temperature. You can test for multiple bacteria in one go.


Drinking water, surface water, wastewater, process water. Many water types can be processed, despite turbidity, salinity or acidity. On all types of bacteria. We know how challenging analysis on environmental water samples can be. When necessary, our quality control verifies the DNA extraction yield of your samples. So we can guarantee applicability for your use-case when purchasing Udetect.

kits, hardware and software

Udetect consists of DNA filtration and extraction kits, reagents to detect selected bacteria, a qPCR-device and software. The device has no moving parts and is robust. Connect to your laptop and go!


Udetect is developed by Orvion, an environmental biotechnology company in 2013 and located near Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In our laboratory, we analyze hundreds of environmental water samples every year. Samples from drinking water plants, waste water treatment plants, contaminated groundwater and surface water, with a wide range of turbidity. The DNA extraction, the development and validation of new bacterial targets are developed in the Orvion lab. We used our expertise from the lab, took it to the field and made it work. Contact us for more information.


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